We Went for a Walk in the Jungle

Jungle Trang


We are in Malaysia! How did that happen?

After three months of Thailand we were ready for a new adventure (and our visa was running out so we were going to be kicked out anyway). It feels really good to be somewhere new again.

In our three months in Thailand we never got around to a Thai massage. Feeling obliged, our last day in Thailand, we walked into this complete shithole of a massage parlor recommended by our hotel in Trang. The fungus was everywhere and no one spoke English. I loved it, I wanted an authentic Thai massage. Nick was scared, he doesn’t really like rough massages. Our masseuses were big, old and sturdy and they folded me any way possible. I loved it, Nick still hasn’t come out of hiding.

About the jungle… Trang has a botanical garden that looks like a jungle, or was a jungle made into a botanical garden, not sure. There is a jungle canopy walk, which takes you through the tree tops. You can see flying squirrels, bats, monkeys and armadillo’s (armadillo’s are not found in the tree tops). None of that was for us, we only saw a snake, a yellow bird and some lizards. Some of the best fun we had in a while.

For now there is work to be done, food to be eaten and Georgetown to be enjoyed. Love you!