Ha Long Bay, We Needed You

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We always talked about how much we hate organized tours and how we would never join one. Travel can change you and sometimes doing the easy thing feels a lot better than doing the hard thing.
After China we needed some relaxation and somehow we ended up on a three-day organized cruise through Ha Long Bay. Being on a boat, lying in the warming sun of Ha Long Bay and feeling the silty sea winds blow through your hair. We have longed for this. We haven’t actually relaxed since we left home. Traveling can be hard work sometimes.

This was the first time we really did not have to do anything. Every second of the day was planned out for us, we did not have to bother ourselves with itineraries or planning. Herded like sheep we followed the tour guide around. Sounds horrible. It was amazing. So relaxing. We met some really nice people on the boat, we had three very nice Vietnamese meals every day and we saw the fantastic  things Ha Long Bay has to offer.