When You Have Nothing to Say About Angkor Wat

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We couldn’t come up with anything that hasn’t been said about Angkor Wat, so we are just going to post our drafts (which we still edited, it was a lot worse). The rough drafts for our posts are usually full with shits and fucks, other profanities and things we find funny but are kind of inappropriate. Occasionally I have a bad mood and I wrote all of this in one such moods.

  • We did Angkor Wat during the time when we were still listening to the dumb things other people tell you so we woke up at 4 in the morning to go and see this magnificent sunrise. We are not morning people. Wake us before we want to be awake and we will have a bad mood. A really bad mood. And there’s two of us which makes it worse. We had expected a tranquil temple, the sun rising behind it and the whole scenery mirroring in the still ponds in front of the temple. However, the tranquility was somewhat disturbed by a couple hundred Chinese (for God’s sake, we thought we were rid of you) and Japanese tourists.
  • We made it through until the sun came up without using the jungle knife Angela always carries concealed in her panties.
  • After sunrise we told our tuktuk driver to find us a quiet spot and he managed to find some spots not infested by more than thirty people at a time, and at some places we actually found ourselves alone, making for a somewhat more pleasant experience, if you don’t count the heat and the fucking mosquitoes.
  • After a temple or eighteen and some walking in the sweltering sun we were kind of done with all the goddamn temples and couldn’t wait to see some modern architecture again, so we had ourselves escorted back to Siem Reap, hungry, tired and so fucking sweaty.

We actually did have an amazing day. We have the pictures to show it!  We promise to be nice again in our next post.