Through Our Eyes // 10

through our eyes

through our eyesthrough our eyesthrough our eyesthrough our eyesthrough our eyesthrough our eyesthrough our eyes

  1. Every time I look at him I still think he is the most handsome man out there
  2. Farmers market
  3. Making coconut bread
  4. I want to live here
  5. Coffee at Brandmeesters, reconnecting with our friend Mike who runs the place
  6. Looking at paper samples at the Monsterkamer 
  7. Can you spot him?
  8. Lunch at our friends house. She has the best kitchen ever

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat. I don’t know what it is about waking up in the middle of the night but somehow everything seems so much worse.

In just a few minutes I convinced myself this was the worst I had ever felt. I started thinking about what could be wrong with me, because these pains could not possibly be just flu. I have had the flu and this was so much worse than the flu. After some Googling I was pretty sure this was a belated Malaria attack that would for sure be the end of me. Needless to say, I did not sleep well after that.

‘Yes I think I might have Malaria and I need you to tell me if I’m right’. On the phone with the doctor my craziness started sinking in a little, but I went through with it anyway. Because what if it IS malaria? I could be slowly dying and I wouldn’t even know. Turns out, it’s just a mild case of the common flu.

One of the reasons I worried so much: we never took any anti-malaria pills while we were traveling and we did visit some high risk areas. I also got a million mosquito bites. So there, I’m not completely crazy for thinking I have malaria. I’m just a little prone to overreaction every once in a while.

So here’s to crazy midnight thoughts and the flu! I hope you all don’t catch the flu the coming fall season!