Through Our Eyes // 06

Through our eyes


  1. Taking pictures of the bridge between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan 
  2. Walking across the bridge
  3. More bridge. I really liked this bridge
  4. Pig tied to a tree
  5. One of Lembongan’s many pretty beaches
  6. Getting a tour at Le Pirate
  7. Seaweed farming
  8. Afternoon scooter rides

We’re so sorry for being so quiet lately. Nick’s sister joined us for a few weeks and we felt we needed some family time.

Coming to Bali, we were looking for a quiet place to have some downtime and just relax. We ended up taking a boat across a super wild ocean to Nusa Lembongan where we spent an amazing ten days. We will tell you more about that in a few days! In the meanwhile, if you can go to Lembongan, do it and see for yourself.

So this is what has been going on. We are leaving Asia and flying to Vienna, Austria in 8 days! We can’t really believe it but  it’s going to happen! One of the major goals of this journey has always been to find the perfect place to live. We have known for a while now that it isn’t Asia, so we’re flying to Europe and see what we might find there. We’re sad that we’re missing out on Australia and New Zealand and everyone (that means you, Assa) we were going to see there, but we’re also very excited about exploring our home continent more thoroughly than we have ever before.

Europe will be great. I know I’m super excited to eat normal bread again. But it sure will be weird to not be surrounded by Asian people. Lately I’ve been thinking Asia just isn’t the place to be for me right now. But that was before Indonesia. Indonesia made me fall in love with Asia all over again and reminded me of why we’re traveling. It has been weeks of amazing experiences, friendly people, good food and an overall feeling of bliss.

There are more blog posts coming up this week so we will talk again soon. Have a great day, enjoy whatever you’re doing, whomever you’re doing it with and smile.

Have you ever been to Europe? If so, what place do you think we should check out as a possible place to live?

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