Through Our Eyes // 05

Through our eyes

Through our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyes

  1. eating ice cream in front of Nook after locking ourselves out
  2. waiting for the train in Kuala Lumpur
  3. beautiful building
  4. i’m scared of monkeys
  5. sunset
  6. walking around Melaka
  7. Marit enjoying the great food in Singapore
  8. view of the river in Melaka

So much has happened since the last Through our eyes.

  • we picked up Nick’s sister, Marit, a week ago. She’s traveling with us for a while.
  • we left our Kuala Lumpur home, took a bus to Melaka where we stayed for a couple of days and are now in Singapore.
  • in a few days we fly to Indonesia and we couldn’t be more excited!
  • ever since Thailand we have been spending a lot of time together, which we love but we’re ready for change. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time with some great people in the next few weeks. Monday we’re meeting up forΒ sushi with the lovely Julianne from Curious Jools and her boyfriend Deepan.
  • we were interviewed by the amazing Steph and Tony of Twenty Years Hence. They asked us about our love of food and why we eat mayonnaise with our fries (because it’s frikkin’ awesome).

The next part of our website is almost done, making our website more of a portfolio. Our blog will be moving to We’ll let you know when this is going to happen!

What are your plans? Do you have something planned this summer? Or tips on what to see in Indonesia? Let us know!