Through Our Eyes // 04: Bangkok

through our eyes

through our eyes through our eyes through our eyes through our eyes through our eyes through our eyes through our eyes

  1. parking lot smoking at one of Bangkok’s malls
  2. on a ferry boat crossing the river to go to Bangkok Medical Museum where we somehow (unintended) ended up in the mortuary
  3. exploring the city, I love finding patterns
  4. there are scooters everywhere
  5. all of a sudden, a million tanks and nobody seemed surprised
  6. one of Bangkok’s best cafes, here are  more nice places to have a coffee
  7. Korean barbecue with Pema, a beautiful girl from Holland, teaching in Thailand
  8. malls malls malls

We have launched part one of our new website and we couldn’t be more excited. There are still some things to adjust but we love it. And we hope you do too.

I was looking through our pictures, trying to find good shots for a post and I stumbled on these pictures from Bangkok. It’s been a while since we last where there and I really miss that city. Bangkok has it all. Except for the weather. The godforsaken, everything melting, scorching heat that Bangkok is so notorious for, sucks. Kuala Lumpur is still a really hot city but it rains here every couple of hours (must be the season), cooling it down it bit.

We hope you have a great weekend with nice weather! (the thunder here in Kuala Lumpur is so loud at the moment, I can’t even hear my music).