Through our Eyes // 02


  1. Penang national park
  2. turtle found in Cameron Highlands
  3. Nick completely stuffed after the biggest & best dim sum breakfast ever
  4. on our way to watch a movie in Georgetown
  5. Cameron Highlands native scorpions
  6. walking in the jungle
  7. jungle orchid
  8. Georgetown

We have arrived at our new home for the next couple of weeks, Kuala Lumpur. So far the weather has been changing every couple of hours. From rainstorms to burning rays of sunshine and everything in between.

Kuala Lumpur will be work mostly. We love getting up in the morning knowing we can spend all day working. Downside of all this work is a lack of exercise. I think we’re going to find a gym and work on that. We are looking for a comfortable place to work, thank god there are a few coworking places in Kuala Lumpur. I’m writing this from Paper + Toast and we will be checking out some more places before we decide where we want to hang around for a month.

It just started raining outside. On rainy days I really miss having our own house. I miss just walking around the house with a cup of tea in my hand, singing along with good music, watching movies in our own bed, lighting on some candles at night and eating home cooked food. Some people travel around the world for years and years at a time. I don’t think we could ever be like that and I don’t think we want to be like that. There is too much comfort in having a place that is truly your own and we want to settle down eventually and make some bebes.