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For The Weekend // 09

for the weekend

I hope your weekend is filled with whatever it is you need.

I started dry brushing  a week ago, so far it’s been pleasant. // Why you should start dry brushing

I’ve been to seven places on this list, only 45 more to go! // 52 places to visit in 2014

So normal yet so weird // Just the two of us

I love documentaries and wish I could make more time to watch some of these // 12 Documentaries

For all the Dutch people: Great affordable and organic shirts and sweaters // Geiten Wollen Shirts

Something I’ve been doing for a while, just not that radical – Radical Honesty

And some things I’m loving offline right now:
// blood oranges in ridiculous amounts
// riding my bike around town
// my amazing new boots (more on these soon!)
// Nick making great playlists of our iTunes library. He is like a cool underground indie dj nobody has ever heard of.
// working by candlelight

For The Weekend // 08

Sparrow in Space

My dearest Sparrow in Space readers, it’s weekend! Hooray!

We found this building while we were walking around at last month’s Dutch Design Week. I don’t know what it looks like from the inside, but from the outside it looks like one of my dream houses (yes I have several dream houses. I like to dream big). I love the windows, the brickwork and the location which you can’t see on the photo but trust me on that. I bet it has a big garden for my pet goat to roam freely.

In my dream garden I have a goat, some chickens, a small pig, an alpaca and a donkey. And three children, running around. Perhaps one is riding around on the donkey. Not sure  if my future donkey likes that kind of shenanigans.

I believe dreams are plans waiting to happen. These dreams of my garden probably need some tweaking, but it is going to happen. I’m strong of will and if I want something, I will make it happen. As should you. If you want to quit your job and work as a freelancer, work towards that. If you want to have children, well start… you know what. If you want to have the best wardrobe in the world, stop buying cheap clothes and start buying quality stuff. If you want something, anything, go out and get it. Don’t wait for the world to hand it to you. This weekend I’m going out and I’m getting what I want. For this weekend, it’s coconut milk yogurt, because I also like to dream small.

Here is the coconut milk yogurt // Coconut milk yogurt

This is the best series of photos. Ever. // Grandma and odd eyed cat

So powerful // Six words you should say today 

It’s good to be unpopular. Erika tells you why // Rethinking unpopular

Those days where you fall into an internet hole and you need something to get you out // Every damn day list

Do I need to say more? // How to get flat abs, have amazing sex and rule the world

A woman who lives in a miniature botanical garden of her own creation, with fruit trees, Peruvian cactuses and a pond with a turtle named Ting // The plant whisperer

For the Weekend // 07

for the weekend

Hello friends! It’s Friday!

On the photo above you see our friend Joki showing our dog Zena a jelly fish. A jelly fish that she (Zena) later tried to eat. Right before she devoured a crab. Zena has to be the most insane dog on the planet. I got her six years ago. She was a stray from Spain and I picked her based on 1 picture on the website of the organisation. My reason? She was the ugliest dog they had.

From the moment she arrived in Holland she proved not to just be the ugliest but also the best dog in the world. She is a perfect hybrid of wolf and cat. She hunts like wolf, needs a pack and loves to sleep outside in a self-made nest but also likes to cuddle like a maniac. Her stray dog days did leave their marks, she doesn’t like children and golden retrievers or any dogs for that matter and if she finds a dog she likes, she has a very distorted vision of what playing entails. (She dry humps them, front or back doesn’t matter).

This is to Zena, the best, ugliest, most insane dog in the world. You are the best puppy any one could ever want.

Here are some of my favorite links these weeks.

I love this video // Happiness

I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love. I have to eat this // Salted caramel apple dumplings

I always let Nick see these links before I post them. He said ‘Okay this sounds dumb but I want to be that family’ // Peter pan and the lost boys costume

Everything these people make looks amazing // How to make a hammock

I just had dinner and I’m really full but if Nick would make me this, I would eat till I puke // Pumpkin beer cheese soup

Maja made some really great photos for this place in Amsterdam I want to check out // SLA

Exactly why I love the internet, it made it possible for us to sit at a Vietnam beach with a cocktail in hand while working on a project // I fucking love the internet

Someone who skims the newspapers and sends you a recap? Yes please // The Skimm

A much needed break from work

a break from work

a break from worka break from worka break from worka break from worka break from worka break from workpicking applespicking applespicking applespicking applespicking apples

Have you ever been apple picking? This Saturday was my first time and I had so much fun. We took our bikes to the orchard, which is really close to our house.

We were handed a box which we could fill up and fill it up we did. We haven’t been out much the last week and we made sure to soak up every bit of sunlight.

At times it feels like I’m always working. I do this to myself. Because if I relax, work will never get finished. But when I take a break, pick some apples and relax. I suddenly remember why I need to relax. I need to refuel my creative mind and sometimes all it takes to have some new ideas is to get away from it all.

What did you do this weekend?

(big thanks to Nick’s sister for taking some really great pictures of us together!)

For the Weekend // 06

For The Weekend

It’s the end of the week once more. Not that it really matters. We have been working 7 days a week for the last couple of weeks. So much we want to do, so little time! How are you spending your weekend? I hope you’re going out to enjoy the lovely fall weather. I’m going to force us to go out for a few hours to catch some sun, we need it!

Have an amazing weekend. Do whatever you want to do and please, enjoy every moment.

The other day we made Paneer cheese (recipe coming soon), next is this Halloumi cheese // Halloumi

We’re looking for inspiration for our next house. Love this shop // Merchant 4

The three f’s. Fame, Fun and Fortune // The Three F’s and You

I can’t wait to get this garden started! // Modern Farmer

Traveling around the world to photograph skateboarders, sounds like a dream job // Skateboard Photographer

Making the most of your multiple personalities // Braid Creative

I can’t get this recipe out of my mind // Raisin Focaccia

For The Weekend // 05

For The Weekend

And here it is. Another weekend. The weeks fly by, it’s incredible. It feels like time is slipping through my fingers and I’m barely holding on. I get up every morning at 7, go to bed at 11, leaving 16 hours to do what I have to do. Yet everyday feels like there is just not enough time. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes hours fly by without even noticing.

I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make my day more tangible. Get some grip on what I do and how long I do it. Any tips? I’ll trade you, here are some awesome links for you to lose some time with!

The last natural ice merchant of Chimborazo. I wish I could go there and learn his trade. There is nothing sadder than traditional trades disappearing. // The Last Ice Merchant

Pictures of forests. Not much else. It’s damn pretty. // Forest

The title is “I had no idea’ and that’s exactly what I said when I first watched it. // I Had No Idea

Their interviews with creatives are great. Plus as a bonus you get a sneak peek into their homes. I like, no LOVE, seeing how other people live. // Freunde von Freunden

A fashion designer’s travel website. So pretty! //The Voyageur

Even though I’m not a parent, I still apply the ‘Empty Boat-theory’ almost every day. // Are We There Yet?

About how to make changes in your life. You can do anything you want! // Identity Based Habits

For the Weekend // 04

for the weekend

Oh man, do you love fish as much as I do? Because I frickin’ love fish! The island we are living on (Texel) is in between the North sea and the Wadden sea and is home to many fishermen. Here at the Old Fish Market (Oude Vismarkt), they have the freshest fish. We went down there this week to eat some fresh fish. So delicious. I ate so much fish I had trouble biking home afterwards.

This weekend will be work work work for us. Not that we mind. We have some cool projects running and are looking forward to do some serious design work.

What do you have planned this weekend? I hope you’re out enjoying the last days of summer! And if not, here is something for you to read!

Monica interviewed us about our travels and we really like how the interview turned out // The Travel Hack 

This travel website is all about giving you that PINCH of inspiration that you need// PINCH magazine

A shop with a slogan I love. It’s not about buying more but about buying better // The Minimalist

This couple built an amazing glass house. Super inspiring // Glass house

Things that turn your world upside down // Nine Epiphanies

I like this great little travel blog with amazing illustrations // Drawn the Road Again

A good question to ask yourself: What do you want to be doing all day? // Braid Creative

I love this because I love doing what I damn well please // Rebels with a Cause

This blog is dedicated to skipping town and has some great pictures // Skip Town

For the Weekend // 01

Sparrow in Space

Saturdays used to be so much fun. It meant sleeping in, biking to the market for fresh vegetables and fruit and making dinners that take hours of preparation. Also Saturday night meant cuddling up on the couch with a movie or hanging out with friends and the occasional party.

When you’re self-employed and catching up on work (even though we absolutely love what we do), Saturday is just like any other day: you get up way too early, go to work, work far too long, eat something at the Indian restaurant near the subway, go home and collapse on the bed. Rinse, repeat. I think we need a day off soon. And I think Nick needs to make one of my favorite dishes, his lasagna made from scratch. It takes a whole day to make and it is so damn good.

After organizing my bookmarks this morning I realized I have so many things that I’d love to share with you so I’ll try to share one of these every week.. Here are some of the things that inspire us.

A lot of people might have already seen it, but this is a great TED talk. // The TED talk

We accidentally walked into this shop while exploring one of Kuala Lumpur’s malls. It is one of  the best shops ever. Everything is very basic, but so well designed. Even the pencils looks adorable. We checked it out online later, and of course it’s Japanese. // Muji

This makes us want to go and build a cabin in the woods, and sit around naked while painting trees. // Beaverbrook

We love travel blogs that are unlike any other // Nomadik Nation

As soon as we get ourselves a place to live we are going to subscribe to this. Such a great idea. These guys send you a gift from different designers each month. They’ve sent out some really nice stuff in the past. // Not Another Bill

One of the countries that we are sure will inspire us is Iceland. They are currently voting what the best name for Iceland will be.  Lets get Lost Land or Isle of Awe Land. Which one do you think is best? // Inspired by Iceland

We like to educate ourselves and the great people of Coursera are making education available for everyone. And it’s free! The courses are from critically acclaimed universities from all over the world, and are in a great range of subjects, from design to social psychology, to creative programming.  // Coursera

Have a good saturday and eat some lasagna!