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Adventures in Singapore


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You know the moments, those small moments. The moments you’d forget if you didn’t take a picture. Those moments that leave you grinning for a moment, but not for days. They are transient but essential. We had a few of them in Singapore. I forgot about them until I was sorting through our pictures. I wanted to share a few of them with you, because remembering them made me smile.

Midnight inline skate lesson – We were out at night, walking around Singapore’s city center. We found an empty box on the ground and a Singaporean man next to it, struggling on the inline skates he just bought. He had no idea how to skate but he was trying all the same. Nick inline skated when he was younger so he grabbed the man by the hands and showed him some moves. It was so spontaneous and Nick was so sincere in trying to help this man become a better skater. I hope this man is now rocking his inline skates all over Singapore.

Snake scare – Jungle hikes are the most horrible thing there is, yet we found ourselves once again walking around a jungle. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve tortured us with its tropical heat. In the middle of the jungle we stumbled upon a cave. Fenced shut, but fascinating nonetheless. At the entrance of the cave we found a shed snake-skin on the ground, or so we thought. Nick’s sister was up close taking pictures, we kept reassuring her it was only skin. No snake looks like that. Of course I also wanted to take some pictures. I was 5 cm away from the snake, trying to get a good close up when it blinked. IT BLINKED! I screamed, jumped up and ran away, like anyone would have done. Right?

Three million men – There’s a lot of Indian people in Little India, which kind of makes sense. Most of them are men. These men are often poor men from India, moving to Singapore for a couple of years to do construction work to make some money to support the family they left at home.
We were warned: avoid Little India on sundays. Forgetting which day it was and not really listening to other people’s advice (there is a lesson here), we unknowingly walked into the biggest gathering of men I have ever seen. The streets were crawling with Indian men. Just men. Nick’s sister and I were the only two girls and to make matters worse, tiny blond girls. We stood out like two dots of white in a sea of black. If I have to guess, there were about three million men walking on the streets of Little India that Sunday. I kid you not, there were no roads or sidewalks to be seen anymore. I have never seen anything like it, it was insane.

What are some of the small adventures you can remember?

Through Our Eyes // 05

Through our eyes

Through our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyesThrough our eyes

  1. eating ice cream in front of Nook after locking ourselves out
  2. waiting for the train in Kuala Lumpur
  3. beautiful building
  4. i’m scared of monkeys
  5. sunset
  6. walking around Melaka
  7. Marit enjoying the great food in Singapore
  8. view of the river in Melaka

So much has happened since the last Through our eyes.

  • we picked up Nick’s sister, Marit, a week ago. She’s traveling with us for a while.
  • we left our Kuala Lumpur home, took a bus to Melaka where we stayed for a couple of days and are now in Singapore.
  • in a few days we fly to Indonesia and we couldn’t be more excited!
  • ever since Thailand we have been spending a lot of time together, which we love but we’re ready for change. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time with some great people in the next few weeks. Monday we’re meeting up for sushi with the lovely Julianne from Curious Jools and her boyfriend Deepan.
  • we were interviewed by the amazing Steph and Tony of Twenty Years Hence. They asked us about our love of food and why we eat mayonnaise with our fries (because it’s frikkin’ awesome).

The next part of our website is almost done, making our website more of a portfolio. Our blog will be moving to blog.sparrowinspace.com. We’ll let you know when this is going to happen!

What are your plans? Do you have something planned this summer? Or tips on what to see in Indonesia? Let us know!