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Through Our Eyes // 07

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  1. Two brothers reconnecting and deciding if they want to swim here or not
  2. Nick saving a dehydrated toad
  3. Contemplating life at the J├Ągersee
  4. Slovakian church
  5. Vienna is pretty awesome
  6. Resting with our dog during a hike
  7. Awesome signage in Bratislava
  8. Fortress in Salzburg

How are you? We’ve missed all of you! But we’re back! Back on the blog and back in Holland.

So, a lot of you guys have been asking what we’re doing back in Holland and if we have time to meet up. Yes, we do. Send us a message and we will meet up for beer and stories.

Why are we back in Holland? Well, as you know, after Indonesia we flew to Austria to go cruising around Europe for a while. In Wagrain, Austria we spent a week hiking up mountains and reconnecting with family and when they were leaving we just decided to tag along. After a long car ride, we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by cows, sheep, windmills and wooden shoes (okay, no wooden shoes but we did see windmills). We missed being with family and friends and we can’t wait to meet up with everyone we have missed so dearly.

What will we be doing here in Holland? We are now living on one of Holland’s prettiest places, Texel. Nick was born here and we are living with his family. We have no idea how long we’ll be staying here, but we’re going to be really busy working on Sparrow in Space, blogging, building our portfolio, finishing projects for clients and expanding our business. We love being back here, eating cheese and sleeping in the same bed for more than a week.

What is in it for you? We will be blogging a lot more and we will be blogging more regularly, we will introduce a few new topics and you will see a lot more of us. Why is this good for you? Because we will entertain you, inspire you, make you smile and leave you feeling happy.