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Endless Mongolia // Part Deux

pictures of Mongolia

pictures of Mongoliapictures of Mongoliapictures of Mongoliapictures of Mongoliapictures of Mongoliapictures of Mongoliapictures of Mongoliapictures of Mongoliapictures of Mongoliapictures of MongoliaMon-9Mon-19Mon-10Mon-26Mon-24Mon-12Mon-25Mon-28Mon-13Mon-23 The last few days I have been getting a lot of love for a Mongolia post I posted almost a year ago. This made me revisit my Mongolia pictures and I realised there where still a lot of gems left there. So here it is, some nature porn. Endless Mongolia, full of pictures of Mongolia.

When we tell people where we’ve been and what we’ve done, we sort of forget about Mongolia. We mention it and people are intrigued but that’s it. To us, Mongolia was kind. It’s like a little blanket you wrap around. It’s comfortable, it’s insanely pretty and it makes you feel at home.

It’s been almost a year since we were in Mongolia. There are a few things I will never forget.

  • I saw my first falling star in Mongolia
  • We saved a man’s life. He was sleeping in a ger that caught on fire. I was shouting at him to get out and Nick got help to put out the fire.
  • Because of the enormous growth of the Mongolian economy (due to the recent finding of rare metals), there is a small group of insanely rich people. The rest of the people aren’t. There is no middle class.
  • This translates into: there are ger camps next to skyscrapers
  • Nick held a gigantic Golden Eagle in Mongolia
  • We hired a driver to take us to a ger camp and he didn’t speak a single word of English, except for ‘yes’. He kept repeating it, then laughing hysterically the entire drive. Funniest laugh I have ever heard.

Mongolia is beautiful, it’s a little quirky and it has amazingly friendly and inviting people, even though you will not say so at first sight. We loved it there, even though we were only there for ten days. We are surely going back for an in-depth visit soon. What about you? Have you visited Mongolia? If not, you should. Really.

Landscape of Mongolia: Skulls

landscape of mongolialandscape of mongolialandscape of mongolialandscape of mongoliaskulls7skulls5

There is something magical about the landscape of Mongolia. It calls for you to come and explore. The landscape constantly transforms, leaving you breathless from the moment you wake up until the moment you crawl back into your gertent.

This is a collection of the skulls I found while exploring. Click here for more incredible pictures of the landscape of Mongolia.