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Places We Love: Tuba Bangkok

tuba bangkok

tuba bangkoktuba bangkok

Tuba is not an undiscovered piece of Bangkok. It’s one of the better known places to relax after a hard day of working and/or shopping.

Tuba is on Ekamai, a street known for its upscale restaurants and bars. It isn’t the cheapest place to have a beer, but you don’t just go here for the beer. You go here for the incredible furniture. And the crazy big cocktails.

The music is really bad, think 90’s mixed with Justin Bieber. And it’s loud. But the furniture.. it’s so pretty! During the day they actually double up as a secondhand furniture shop, so if you really like a piece, you can go and get it for your home.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/tubabkk
Address: 34 Ekamai, Soi 21, Bangkok

Weird Stuff: White Horse Penis Rượu Thuốc

Rượu thuốc  means medicinal liquor and is a special Vietnamese drink. I’ve never seen anyone drink it but I guess there must be people drinking this. Vietnamese people believe Rượu thuốc will improve their health and in this case, make them a super man. It comes with different animals and herbs. The most famous is the snake or scorpion version. I particularly liked this white horse penis one.

A long time ago, I studied art and my main focus were the male genitalia. I don’t know how I came up with that but somehow all of my work was penis-related. I once crocheted a giant penis table-cloth in traditional Doily style. It was beautiful. I still have it if anyone is interested.

Even though I don’t make penis-related art anymore, I can still appreciate things like this. And a white horse, that almost sounds like unicorn. Unicorn penis alcohol, who wouldn’t want to drink that!