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Amazing food at the Muslim quarter in Xian

The amazing food at the Muslim Quarter in Xi’an is unlike any other. The Street food in Xi’an is the best food we’ve had so far! One of Xi’an’s nicest neighborhoods is the Muslim Quarter. The food in this part of town is a surprising mix of Chinese and Arabic influences. The melting pot of cultures and the rich history of the Muslim Quarter create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Xi’an is one of the oldest cities in China, it has been the capital at some point and it was the eastern starting point of the Silk Road. It was absolutely our favorite place in Xi’an. We have explored all of its streets and we became regulars at some stalls. Will we find something like this again? We wonder and hope.

We love Beijing Design Week

This week is Beijing Design week! A cool event organized by Chinese designers.

Beijing Design week is held around the old Dashilar Hutong of Beijing. It has taken over buildings and houses here in the Hutong, giving not only a glimpse into the Chinese design world but also into the traditional Hutong life. The last couple of days we have visited a lot of the exhibitions of Beijing Design week. We had an amazing time and we will leave Beijing with a huge amount of new inspiration!

One of our favorites was an installation called “Milky Wave’ by Aidia Studio. Milky Wave is the collection of 1664 old Beijing  glazed ceramic yoghurt bottles, re-arranged into a trail of light.