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Every Day Has The Potential to be an Amazing Day



Our journey has been a bumpy ride so far and I love it. It’s the only way I know how to grow. Fall, get up and try again. It’s not so much about the places we have seen. It’s about us. Me. Him. Trying to find a place for everything.

Battambang is when we realised we don’t need much to be happy. Every day has the potential to be an amazing day and everything you do is what you choose to do. This little Cambodian town awakened something in us and we haven’t been able to (or wanted to!) put it to sleep ever since. Every now and then we think back at that one day in Battambang and all we do is smile.

The year before we left was the hardest year both of us have ever gone through and we were in quite a state when we left. Little by little, everything is falling in to place. New ideas are starting to form and we are slowly making plans for the future, our future.

What happened that day in Battambang? What made that day the turning point of our journey?

Nothing really. We went for a swim in the morning. Dirtiest pool ever. Went out for lunch and had the best fried rice we’ve eaten as of yet. Our tuktuk driver for the day took us to the bamboo train. It was so much fun, sitting on a few pieces of bamboo, racing through the countryside over the dilapidated train tracks with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

From here, we went to a hill, I don’t even remember what was so special about that hill. But it had a cave and some temples and monkeys hanging around. Two fifteen-year old boys drove us up the hill on their scooters. They followed us around and we watched the sunset set with them. They told us a lot of stories about their lives and we ate ice cream. The best part of the day was just after sunset. Which was also when my camera died. There is a cave in the hill where 10 million bats dwell. They all come out at sunset, all 10 million of them. One of the best things I have ever seen. It was so beautiful and they just kept on coming. I’ve never seen anything like it. The sound, the smell and the whole sky filled with bats. Incredible.

When the tuktuk driver drove us back home, all we could do was smile because we both knew that this day that had lived up to its potential and had become one of the most amazing days we ever had.

When You Have Nothing to Say About Angkor Wat

Angkor WatAngkor WatAngkor WatAngkor WatAngkor WatAngkor WatAngkor WatAngkor WatAngkor15Angkor16Angkor18Angkor19Angkor20Angkor21Angkor25Angkor23Angkor17Angkor24

We couldn’t come up with anything that hasn’t been said about Angkor Wat, so we are just going to post our drafts (which we still edited, it was a lot worse). The rough drafts for our posts are usually full with shits and fucks, other profanities and things we find funny but are kind of inappropriate. Occasionally I have a bad mood and I wrote all of this in one such moods.

  • We did Angkor Wat during the time when we were still listening to the dumb things other people tell you so we woke up at 4 in the morning to go and see this magnificent sunrise. We are not morning people. Wake us before we want to be awake and we will have a bad mood. A really bad mood. And there’s two of us which makes it worse. We had expected a tranquil temple, the sun rising behind it and the whole scenery mirroring in the still ponds in front of the temple. However, the tranquility was somewhat disturbed by a couple hundred Chinese (for God’s sake, we thought we were rid of you) and Japanese tourists.
  • We made it through until the sun came up without using the jungle knife Angela always carries concealed in her panties.
  • After sunrise we told our tuktuk driver to find us a quiet spot and he managed to find some spots not infested by more than thirty people at a time, and at some places we actually found ourselves alone, making for a somewhat more pleasant experience, if you don’t count the heat and the fucking mosquitoes.
  • After a temple or eighteen and some walking in the sweltering sun we were kind of done with all the goddamn temples and couldn’t wait to see some modern architecture again, so we had ourselves escorted back to Siem Reap, hungry, tired and so fucking sweaty.

We actually did have an amazing day. We have the pictures to show it!  We promise to be nice again in our next post.