Places We Love: Retro Cafe Bangkok

retro cafe bangkok

retro cafe bangkokretro cafe bangkok
We don’t know the exact address for this place, and neither do we know the correct name. It’s on Thanon Pradiphat and it has a huge garden. You’ll find it if you look for a retro looking cafe with a garden. They’ve got lots of outside tables and even a swing! The coffee and Thai food are great here. The cafe is full of retro furniture and they have every childhood collectible you could ever think of. My favorite was a tiny E.T. doll.

The staff doesn’t really speak English. Translating for us, was a girl with a pet squirrel. She just let it run around, climbing on the furniture and eating peanuts. I asked/begged Nick if I could have one, but here I am, squirrel-less.

Address: Thanon Pradiphat, Bangkok