For the Weekend // 07

for the weekend

Hello friends! It’s Friday!

On the photo above you see our friend Joki showing our dog Zena a jelly fish. A jelly fish that she (Zena) later tried to eat. Right before she devoured a crab. Zena has to be the most insane dog on the planet. I got her six years ago. She was a stray from Spain and I picked her based on 1 picture on the website of the organisation. My reason? She was the ugliest dog they had.

From the moment she arrived in Holland she proved not to just be the ugliest but also the best dog in the world. She is a perfect hybrid of wolf and cat. She hunts like wolf, needs a pack and loves to sleep outside in a self-made nest but also likes to cuddle like a maniac. Her stray dog days did leave their marks, she doesn’t like children and golden retrievers or any dogs for that matter and if she finds a dog she likes, she has a very distorted vision of what playing entails. (She dry humps them, front or back doesn’t matter).

This is to Zena, the best, ugliest, most insane dog in the world. You are the best puppy any one could ever want.

Here are some of my favorite links these weeks.

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