For The Weekend // 05

For The Weekend

And here it is. Another weekend. The weeks fly by, it’s incredible. It feels like time is slipping through my fingers and I’m barely holding on. I get up every morning at 7, go to bed at 11, leaving 16 hours to do what I have to do. Yet everyday feels like there is just not enough time. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes hours fly by without even noticing.

I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make my day more tangible. Get some grip on what I do and how long I do it. Any tips? I’ll trade you, here are some awesome links for you to lose some time with!

The last natural ice merchant of Chimborazo. I wish I could go there and learn his trade. There is nothing sadder than traditional trades disappearing. // The Last Ice Merchant

Pictures of forests. Not much else. It’s damn pretty. // Forest

The title is “I had no idea’ and that’s exactly what I said when I first watched it. // I Had No Idea

Their interviews with creatives are great. Plus as a bonus you get a sneak peek into their homes. I like, no LOVE, seeing how other people live. // Freunde von Freunden

A fashion designer’s travel website. So pretty! //The Voyageur

Even though I’m not a parent, I still apply the ‘Empty Boat-theory’ almost every day. // Are We There Yet?

About how to make changes in your life. You can do anything you want! // Identity Based Habits