For the Weekend // 11

for the weekend - sparrow in space nusa lembongan

Us, about a year ago at Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia.

We didn’t buy many souvenirs when we were traveling. As you can imagine, the little things we did buy have a lot of meaning and value to us. So when I dropped our Chinese tea cups yesterday and they broke into a million pieces, I was devastated. With the cups I saw our memories shatter across the floor. “How are we going to remember China without our teacups” I asked Nick in between tears. “I was going to drink tea from them forever”. Nick, who is glueing them together right now, said to me “Babe, we’ll always remember China, no matter what.” This story has nothing to do with this picture.

These links are for the weekend and the weekend is long over. But here they are anyway. Enjoy!

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