Places We Love: The Mugshot Cafe

mugshot cafe

mugshot cafemugshot cafemugshot cafemugshot cafe

Have you ever ever ever thought the best place to eat home-made fresh greek yogurt would be Malaysia? No, me neither. And yet I found myself sitting in The Mugshot Cafe in Georgetown, Penang, in awe of their yogurt. As the owners of Mugshot cafe were so kindly to explain, they make it themselves  Jesse and Tristan believe it’s best to only have a few things on your menu that are really good. This means they only serve bagels and yogurt, both incredibly tasty.

If you’re not feeling bagels or yoghurt, you can go next door to The Rainforest Bakery (which is owned by Jesse’s family) to get your sugar high. Or, as we did, 0ur daily bread fix. It’s Asia, good bread is rare. We spent a week and a half in Georgetown and we dropped in almost every day for a cup of coffee and most of the time, some yoghurt. We saw a lot of people doing the same. These guys have a special way of making everyone feel at home.

They’ve got plans to turn the unused upstairs area into a hostel. We’re really curious what the future is going to bring for this place, and we’ll make sure to keep an eye out. We’ll be back!