It’s Never Too Early for Fish: Krabi’s Morning Market

krabi morning market

krabi morning marketkrabi morning marketkrabi morning marketkrabi morning marketkrabi morning market
Krabi’s morning market is all a market should be. Fresh fish, fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, fresh noodles. And breakfast. Krabi’s morning market made us want to get into a kitchen and cook. Everything is so fresh and it looks so great. Nick has been missing having a kitchen to cook and I’m really missing his cooking. I’ve eaten so many different things at so many different places but his cooking is still the best.

To be honest, the smell of fish didn’t work that well on my stomach at eight in the morning, but the fish were so fresh and good-looking that they were quickly forgiven. We had breakfast at Krabi’s morning market three days in a row and just wandered around a little (it’s not that big) looking at all the fresh wares. I think most of the Thai do their daily shopping here, I would if I lived here.