My Favorite Go-To Recipes

Go-to recipes: Shutterbean lentil soup go-to recipesgo-to recipes go-to recipes// Vegetable lentil soup – this is so good and filling and warm. Hands down the best lentil soup I have ever had.

// Spinach date and almond salad – a summertime favorite, but it’s good in fall as well. Shutterbean is one of my favorite resources for good recipes. We have tried a lot of her recipes and she has never let us down. All of her recipes are tasty.

// Coconut rice with peas and more – holy crap. I could eat this everyday. It’s comfort food at it’s best. It has loads of veggies, no crazy calories and the feeling of indulgence.

// Sesame & shiitake soba noodles – so far, the only recipe I made that tastes like Asia. I think it’s because of the sesame oil, a kitchen favorite.

I don’t know about you but I get really angry when I’m hungry. Sometimes after a long day of work, I don’t want to think about what to make for dinner. I just want something to eat. For those days, I like to have a few recipes I can fall back on. The only condition is that they are tasty. I switch up recipes every other month or so, but some recipes stick. These are four of my current favorite fallback recipes. There is one more recipe that I really really love. It has the best pasta in the world, gnocchi. Full recipe including pictures coming soon!

What are some of your go-to recipes? Let me know and I’ll try them!