Angie’s Closet: My New Boots

Angie's closet

Angie's closetAngie's closetAngie's closetfrye boots veronica shortAngie's closetfrye boots veronica short    

You know what? I’m going to be honest with you. The only reason I started this new style series is because I was looking for a way to show of my boots. I’ve been looking for the perfect boots for years. One late evening I stumbled upon these Frye boots and I fell in love. Shoes never fit me quite right, they’re always too wide or just uncomfortable. But these baby’s, it was like they were made for me. They fit so perfectly. So here I am, showing you my new boots. Aren’t they GREAT? Instead of buying a lot of clothes I’ve been looking to buy quality pieces that will last a long time and that are timeless. These boots, I hope, will last forever.

Oh and let’s not forget Nick. Nick is the most awesome guy I have ever met. This Christmas he got me a necklace and it is the greatest necklace ever. Why? Because he really got out of his way to get me something Angie-like. He succeeded.

What is the best piece of clothing you ever bought?