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Through our Eyes // 03

architecture Ipoh

Sparrow in SpaceSparrow in SpaceSparrow in SpaceSparrow in SpaceSparrow in SpaceSparrow in Space

  1. spotted some beautiful buildings while walking around Ipoh, Malaysia
  2. a few hours later he was gone and the wall was white again
  3. dipping my toes in the cold Koh Tao waters
  4. Georgetown, Penang
  5. Lunch at Daily Dose in Georgetown. One of the best places to have lunch. Mugshot café was another favorite.
  6. he is so handsome
  7. wise seagul

Life in Kuala Lumpur is good. We are renting a room with a German lady, a botanist who has lived here for 30+ years. She is very passionate about her garden and has the most fantastic collection of cacti. She grows her own papaya, has successfully harvested her own cloves (apparently not an easy thing to do) and keeps big pots of fresh peppercorns around the house. Her garden is a dream.

I have been wondering for a while now if it is possible to give a typical Asian house more of a European/Scandinavian feeling. It is. Asian houses tend to feel cold and practical with fluorescent lightning and mismatched furniture. One of the reasons I could not see ourselves living in Asia. But she has shown me that it can be done. Her house is zen heaven with a lot of wood and beautiful textiles on the walls, table and floor. She has cupboards filled with ceramics. She has made a lot of those herself. I’m a sucker for homemade ceramics, especially white bowls. I might ask her if I can take some pictures and put them up here.

Now if someone could come and give us an umbrella. It’s raining again!

Through our Eyes // 02


  1. Penang national park
  2. turtle found in Cameron Highlands
  3. Nick completely stuffed after the biggest & best dim sum breakfast ever
  4. on our way to watch a movie in Georgetown
  5. Cameron Highlands native scorpions
  6. walking in the jungle
  7. jungle orchid
  8. Georgetown

We have arrived at our new home for the next couple of weeks, Kuala Lumpur. So far the weather has been changing every couple of hours. From rainstorms to burning rays of sunshine and everything in between.

Kuala Lumpur will be work mostly. We love getting up in the morning knowing we can spend all day working. Downside of all this work is a lack of exercise. I think we’re going to find a gym and work on that. We are looking for a comfortable place to work, thank god there are a few coworking places in Kuala Lumpur. I’m writing this from Paper + Toast and we will be checking out some more places before we decide where we want to hang around for a month.

It just started raining outside. On rainy days I really miss having our own house. I miss just walking around the house with a cup of tea in my hand, singing along with good music, watching movies in our own bed, lighting on some candles at night and eating home cooked food. Some people travel around the world for years and years at a time. I don’t think we could ever be like that and I don’t think we want to be like that. There is too much comfort in having a place that is truly your own and we want to settle down eventually and make some bebes.

Through our Eyes // 01

sparrow in spacesparrow in spacesparrow in spacesparrow in spacetoe-1-3toe-1-1

We have had a great time last week at Ko Lanta. Being on the beach always clears my mind and gives me room to think. There was a lot to think about. Last weekend a year ago Nick’s mum passed away and our time spent remembering her brought back a lot of memories. We drank red wine (her favorite) on the beach while looking at the stars. If she could have seen us, she would have approved.

Being on the beach also got us talking about the Sparrow in Space blog. We both feel that a lot of good photos and special moments get left unshared and we love to share. So that is why this is the first edition of our new weekly post: Through our eyes. Prepare for many more to come!

1 – Ko Lanta, no the beach
2 – Morning light in our bungalow
3 – Waking up on the beach
4 – Nick is watching the birds at sunset
5 – Hundreds of birds in Krabi
6 – Khlong Nin beach at Ko Lanta
7 – Trang, such a quirky little town with amazing sunsets