Hi! We are Nick & Angela, a couple traveling around the world, looking for inspiration, awesome places, ideas, opinions, cultures and food. Together we run Sparrow in Space, a young web design & development bureau. We also have a blog!

Angela studied art, fashion and was a hairdresser for a few years. She believes anything is possible as long as you really want it. Angela spends a lot of her time daydreaming and sipping tea. She loves black dresses, wants to swim with whales and has a weird affinity with lists.

Nick has been wrecking computers since he was four. By now he’s done it so often he can fix almost anything, save for smoke curling up from your monitor. He’s got a thing for trying new Linux distros and keeps his software updated like he’s got an OCD. Nick also loves coffee, music and does a very good dinosaur impression.

We love to be inspired and traveling means seeing new things every day. We get our inspiration from the ordinary and the unusual, nature and culture, architecture and street art, people and food.